How to Layer

April 1, 2017

(As Featured on EXPRESS’ BLOG: THE EDIT)


It’s that time of year again when the weather can’t quite make up its mind. Here in the Midwest, Mother Nature’s bi-polar tendencies, often lead to major angst in the dressing room.

I think, at some point, we all have had to combat freezing wind in a mini skirt or melted in the sun under a baggy sweater that quickly became the perfect accessory to tie around our waist.


Even if you’re not from the Midwest; drastic changes in weather and temperature during the Spring Transition, are something almost every fashionista can relate to. With Express, I was able to weather the day’s unpredictable temperatures & rainfall without cramping my style.

This is where layering comes in to save the day.  We had to cozy up in a local coffee shop to keep dry from the rain, BUT the temps were in the mid-60s, beckoning my first denim mini skirt appearance of the season.  I have been excited to re-visit the denim mini trend that took a minor hiatus but is now back in full force. I paired the skirt with a sexy lace peek-a-boo bralette, which is an accessory that is quickly becoming the trend to wear with or without a shirt.

As a general rule, I like to wear the thinnest piece closest to my skin and layer the heavier, or bulkier styles over.  Using this trick was perfect for pairing my bralete with this boyfriend button down, which is so light weight, it will have you adding this layer to everything. The button down style gives you the perfect opportunity to button up for a more conservative day-time look, while unbuttoning gives you the perfect transition from day to a sexy night look, while staying on trend.

The softness of the button down and delicacy of the bralette were the perfect complement for a silky utility jacket that added just the right amount of edge, while actually serving a purpose. Tucking the front of my shirt while leaving the tail out, gives for a nice visual of the layering details from the back, while maintaining a flattering and pulled-together look from the front.

Lastly, I paired this look with comfortable close-toed shoes, to protect my piggies from dropping temps and to offset the bare legs on bottom.

I am constantly updating my wardrobe, so layering offers the perfect opportunity to wear things you already have in your closet in new and different ways while introducing new pieces into what you’re currently wearing!