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September 6, 2018

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 Facial Favorites

1. Cleanser – Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser

2. Serum – SkinCeuticals Serum

3. Toner – Kopari Coconut Rose Toner

4. Moisturizer – Kate Somerville Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer

5. Spot Treatment – ZO Skin Health Sulfur Masque

6. SPF – Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF30



So this post is long overdue but I honestly didn’t know when a good time would be to do this because I haven’t had consecutively good skin for any amount of time long enough for me to even do a post – until now. And today is my 32nd birthday – meaning it’s taken me THIS LONG.

So long story short, I’ve always had bad skin. Pretty sure it’s always had to do with hormones & stress for me personally – just going over the past 15 years of my life – trying to pin point exactly when and where my skin would take DRAMATIC turns for the worse – out of what seemed (at the time) like nowhere. I broke out like your average teen going thru puberty at age 13. My parents immediately put me on differin gel and it honestly cleared my acne (and its now available over the counter without a Rx) …Sidenote:  10 years later I would go through two years of Accutane and after treatment they often prescribe Differin, as a sort of long term maintenance plan for cell turnover on your face.  I was actually really stoked to be done with accutane and also horrified by the reaction my face had to differin.  When I first started it I thought I just put too much on but after several months of trial and error the dermatologist confirmed that I’m allergic to differin…my reason to tell that side stories is our face and skin change ALL THE TIME throughout our lives, so unfortunately none of these treatments are one-size-fits all. What is helped with in my teens, has nothing to do with the issues today and my skin can no longer tolerate it.

So, I did Accutane for almost 2 years at the age of 26 after randomly  getting crazy cystic acne everywhere. It actually took me two years to finally make the decision to go on Accutane because I knew how dramatic that drug wise a.k.a. I lost my hair and it’s the reason I have been wearing hair extensions ever since LOL.

But I knew my skin needed it and honestly, the acne was on my back on my chest and has continued to leave me with scars six years later that make me extremely insecure to this day. Depending on how long you’ve followed me, you’ve probably seen that I’ve tried every single laser facial anything you can think of that a dermatologist could offer you and I’ve spent over $10,000 trying to fix what CAN be fixed after going through such horrible acne and living with the scars now.

So I’ve been telling you guys for a while now about my favorite injector she’s been doing my Botox and some fillers for me for two years now her name is Amanda Bouslog and she’s at the Lifestyle Spa at Eppley Plastic Surgery. This January I was introduced to their Esthetician  who gave me a renewed outlook on the treatments I could get to help with scarring. She’s been through a similar bout with Acne. Her name is Kimberly Conway and not only do I feel like I’ve become really good friends with her she is like a complete advocate for me and for my skin and I seriously can’t thank her enough. I remember sitting in the office one day and looking at another Halo advertisement, a treatment Ive thought about doing for a few years now but its quite expensive  and I heard was painful. The upside though was that downtime was almost nothing and your skin just starts to slough off over the next week or so.  The results are truly remarkable. It literally altered the surface of my skin AND my thought process altogether on how to go about my skin and helping my scarring.

After my halo treatment, which completely changed the coloring and surface of my skin within a weeks time, I decided to continue with Kimberly because I felt like she just got me and understood specifically the areas I could target even AFTER my halo treatment.

This is where it came back full circle for me,  because she wanted me to go back to Amanda, my injector girl, and have her fill my deepest scars with filler to make them more flush with my skin. The problem is when you have acne scarring like I do there’s no covering it – up it’s an indent in my skin. So after having this halo treatment followed by filler directly into my scars, for the first time, I have been rolling around town without make up at all.

So what I’m saying in this post is find somebody that is your advocate that knows where you’ve been and how to help you better your scarring after dramatic acne experiences. Without these two women – I wouldn’t even know of other options.  Everyone skin is so drastically different it’s really hard to say what works and what doesn’t work, but I want you guys to know if you’ve got some very deep scarring the halo treatment is the truth. Even if it doesn’t completely clear up your scarring after doing that type of laser treatment, there are still other options for you- which is amazing. Just wanted to share my experience with you as I am finally OKAY with my skin. Whats left of my scarring serves as a reminder that I at some point I need to just be okay with it. Please ask me any questions in the comments below so I can help you guys to any of the resources that have recently saved my skin and made me feel so much better about all the past shit I’ve had regarding my face.

Information on Halo Laser here.

You can DM my injector for botox and fillers – Amanda Bouslog on Instagram here.

You can DM my esthetician for general upkeep, laser treatments, and skincare advice – Kimberly Conway on instagram here.

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