No Netflix n Chill

October 15, 2018

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This past week – and also longest time I’ve spent at home- I’ve  spent tinkering through all my shit, quasi organizing, and moving 7 years of life, 2 dogs, and myself plus hubby over the course of 3 days. Being self employed, you find yourself unpacking at 3am, blogging til 5 (hi guys) and waiting cracked out on the movers to come back through circa 8 am. Oh, and I am doing this and working full-time without the internet.  So, this post is about how to unplug, and move without losing your mind in the process.


Being that my job requires an internet connection, especially for the blogging part, I tried everything I could to have our internet and cable installed same day of our move. Spoiler alert: they NEVER can install on the first day. I am pretty sure its against AT&T bylaws to actually fix or connect your internet day one, but thats where I’m going to stop complaining. As I finish up this post from a coffee shop that I haven’t been to in over 3 years, I am realizing that these past couple of days haven’t been so bad. So far, the silence is the only thing about no cable and internet that drives me absolutely crazy. I felt the same way about the cable guy telling me it wouldn’t be up for a couple weeks as I would an airline telling me that my flight home was cancelled. Its thats same unnerving sense of knowing you are not in control. I stressed about my work obligations and my mounting to-do list until I was practically sick to my stomach. Not good for a day of a move. Half way through the day I thought of that quote:

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” —Anne Lamott

After like 15 more arguments with John – I finally let it go. I gave up on stressing about something I couldn’t help and instead went HAM on the unpacking and organization of my new house. Which, if I hadn’t freed myself from my  technological ball and chain, I would never have gotten to and would have felt like a hot mess for the next several months. I am seeing how much time I have freed up to do the things I need to get done without all the distraction. My husband is shocked that I haven’t asked him to repeat himself over and over bc I was preoccupied with Instagram the first time around. My mood, work efficiency, and ability to communicate outside of technology was all being affected and I didn’t even realize it until I had no choice but to totally unplug.


Long story short, I have seen immense benefit from unplugging a bit already and I just wanted to share.

  1. The blogging world is SUPER competitive and sometimes I try to “out work” or do more than my mind and body are capable of. Unplugging has been a true stress reliever.
  2. I realized I am awful at Multitasking.  I am much better at taking one task at a time and finishing that. When I have distractions at all, especially when it comes to my cell phone, I easily get off track and it takes me so much longer to finish projects.
  3.  Instead of stealing glances at my phone when I’m in the company of my family and friends, Im able to  actually focus on the present company.
  4. Lastly, its allowed me to refresh my routine, thought process, and understanding of my own triggers and stressors and allowed me to be a better wife, more organized individual, and productive blogger.


We literally have just had each other, some comfortable clothes, and the dogs to keep us company as we embark on this new home journey. We also both haven’t taken off our jockey uniforms the past several days. I got my man HOOKED on that thick band that I have become addicted to. Everything I have ever purchased at Jockey for myself and John, has quickly become a cult staple. The new mens line IS EVERYTHING. Making my job a lot easier when it comes to buying underwear and loungewear for John. We ordered a bunch from the new line to try and his favorites are the new Pima and stretch modal fabrics in both the underwear and t-shirts. THEY ARE SO soft, you will literally LIVE in them. John is already hooked on both the V-neck & Crew neck T-shirts as well as the boxer briefs for everyday wear and comfort. The best undergarments for moving and cuddling on the new couch – without the TV, of course. LOL. Check out both their men & women’s lines here.


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