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December 18, 2018

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I have always loved coming to  Chicago during the holiday months. It is easily one of my favorite spots to enjoy the shopping, cheer, sounds, and lights! The best part was that it was a mild 40 degrees in chi-town  – making the Windy City not only walkable but dare I say “comfortable” to enjoy. We always stay close to Michigan ave – to ensure optimal retail exposure & as many Fitbit steps as possible! And as basic as it sounds, one of my favorite places to stop & shop in Chicago is the massive Nordstrom on Michigan Ave. Let’s just start by saying that there’s 4 levels of amazing-ness, including Gucci, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton pop ups inside and a bar in the center for both you or ya mans to stop in for a reprieve & libation. Can I get an amen?


Every year, John and I gift each other a bigger gift during the holidays that retains value memory and is often times little bit more expensive. This is typically a handbag or jewelry for me and jewelry and a nice pair of shoes for John. Which is why I love to come to the Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue during the holidays so I can touch and feel these gifts before purchase. It’s always been really hard for me to pick up something online that I have been looking at for a very long time without having felt it. When spending money on designer duds, its so nice to be able to get somewhere that you can try on or feel the items before purchasing. While I cannot tell you EXACTLY what I got John for Christmas this year, it  is on my LUXE gift guide I included in my post! Everything on the guide, was on site in Nordstrom this weekend and approved by my husband so get to shopping ladies! What is your favorite way to shop for your loved ones? I love that we have a memory attached to our gifts this year – a forever reminder of the 2018 Holidays and our special trip to Chicago.




John’s Look:

Navy Hoodie

Wool Herringbone Coat

Cognac Blackstone Sneaker

AG Slim Fit Pants – Dark Grey 

Both Johns outfit and gifts included in this guide are from Nordstrom. Check out their selection of Designer duds, and place your order today to get it by Christmas!


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