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June 6, 2018

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1. Toner

2. Cleansing Oil

3. Coconut Face Cream

4. Lip Gloss

5. Body Oil

6. Body Scrub

7. Body Glow 

8. Coconut Melt

Phew that’s a LOT of favs from Kopari. But after my last trip to Cabo, its the REAL FREAKIN DEAL YALL. Okay, so true story, I left an ENTIRE bag of toiletries sitting on my bathroom vanity – including my face cleanser, serums, moisturizers, fake tanners, RAZORS, toothbrush, paste, deodorant, shampoo conditioner LOL…you understand. Anyway, I had packed all of my blogging obligations in one spot of my suitcase to shoot and make sure I got content and pictures out of the way. THANK GOD. Because as you might understand,  I had a MINOR freak out up realizing my toiletries never made it into my checked bag – but DID realize that I had the entire line of my favorite selects from the Kopari line.  Giving me the perfect opportunity to use their products ONLY and really get into what I loved about them. So when they asked me to join in on an amazing campaign about beauty, and being  confident in your own skin, the timing couldn’t have been better. The Focus: Learning to take a compliment. By that I mean, saying “thank you” and meaning it.

Not only did I solely use these 4 products seen pictured everyday and night in Cabo, but my skin started looking better and between the products – based with coconut oils – and the sun, I literally stopped wearing makeup. Which by the way- I really never do – as I feel like I must always be picture perfect at any given moment. My skin was thanking me ten-fold and definitely needed the time off to heal, and fully absorb the nutrients these all-natural products provide and of course, I certainly could use the fresh vitamin D. At this point, we are 6 days in, 14 natural coconut waters down the hatchet, and for real, my skin started to take on this very natural glow — one I have been missing for a very long time. I felt confident enough by the final night to go makeup-less on a date, our last night in paradise, with the love of my life. WHO AM I? We ended up enjoying the most amazing dinner and sunset together and nearing the end of the night, a woman came right up to us as they were walking out of the restaurant and said, “you have the most beautiful skin and smile, and the two of you look very happy.”

It took EVERYTHING in me not to go down my usual self-deprecating ramble about how shocked I am – or embarrassed I am because I’m not wearing makeup – and thank you, but I actually don’t have great skin, just great foundation, and have acne for years and on and on and on about NOTHING. But something shut me up. I simply said, “Thank you!! We are extremely happy.”  And I meant it. Taking her compliment to heart and appropriately responding with genuine gratitude. It’s so easy to do, and feels good too. This little story might sound silly and simple. But when my work life and real life provide me positive opportunities to take a look at what makes me happy and feel good — its a beautiful thing. Simply put, I am happy to share those little moments with you guys. You can check out all of Kopari’s products here, but the Rose Water Toner and the Coconut Lip Balm are my absolute favs – especially when you need a quick pick-me-up while traveling. Protip: refrigerate the toner and take to the beach for a cool mist on those warmer days. Finally, don’t forget to love yourself….enough to take a compliment.



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