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March 14, 2018

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Le Labo Santal 33 Eau de Parfum

Jo Malone ‘Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne’

Tom Ford ‘Fucking Fabulous’

I went on a mission to find a new scent for 2018 – one which I could create new memories with as I travel and adventure. What happened was – I found 3. Seriously, THREE fragrances I could NOT pass go on. They are each so different, I wanted to break them down into 3 times I’ll wear them…

1.EVERYDAY: Wood Sage & Sea Salt

For me, this also doubles as the scent I will most likely keep in my car/purse and will use to spray on my hair, body, car…wherever – without feeling like the dollars are actually flying out the bottle with each spritz. This is the spray you want to make you feel fresh but not too noticeable or annoying.  This is most likely going with me on my beach trips, where I want to have that undone-ness about me. Cue Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt:

Wood Sage & Sea Salt – What it is: Escape the every day along the windswept shore with Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne. Alive with the mineral scent of the rugged cliffs, the cologne blends woody earthiness with sage and the sea, conjuring images of breaking waves, and the air fresh with sea salt and spray.

– Top: bergamot, ambrette seeds, buchu leaves. – Middle: sea salt, mineral accord, dry fruits. – Base: driftwood accord, guaiac wood, white musk, sage.

2.Daytime / Meetings/ Events – Santal 33

If you are looking for that certain “je ne c’est quoi” look no further. I honestly cant even put my finger on what the hell this actually is but its AMAZING. Plan on this scent being a conversation starter as I have yet to wear it around anyone – male or female – that hasn’t asked me what I’m wearing, and where to find it.  It makes you feel like a boss bitch – its androgynous, its mysterious, and sexy. I truly cannot say enough about this little secret I’ve been keeping. Oh, and its NOT annoying. I keep mentioned that but as I get older, the less and less tolerant I’ve become regarding certain scents.

Santal 33 –  What it is: A perfume that touches the sensual universality of this icon, that would intoxicate a man as much as a woman. It introduces the brand’s use of cardamom, iris, violet and ambrox, which crackle in the formula and bring to this smoking wood alloy—Australian sandalwood, papyrus, cedarwood—some spicy, leathery, musky notes and gives this parfum its unisex signature and addictive comfort. Here is, in a few words, what Santal 33 is. An open fire. The soft drift of smoke. Where sensuality rises after the light has gone.

– Top: bergamot, ambrette seeds, buchu leaves. – Middle: sea salt, mineral accord, dry fruits. – Base: driftwood accord, guaiac wood, white musk, sage.

3. Evenings/Dates/Dinners/Events: Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous

Really make a statement and capture the room with this no-brainer. It really is a FABULOUS and Tom Ford, per usual, doesn’t disappoint with this sexy, smoky, powdery, vanilla BOMBNESS. Also, it mellows out amazingly for the perfect all day wear with very little perfume sprayed. I like this for date night for sure as my husband was feeling it! Lol. Check out the Tom Ford section in Nordstrom to get yourself a cute little sample to test it out for pulling the trigger.

Fucking Fabulous – What it is: A decadent, oriental leather eau de parfum with an intoxicating grip that can only be described in one way. Explicit, exclusive, fabulous. Capturing a rarefied air. Evoking the private exchanges and insider moments where fantasies come true. With a name that says it all, the vibrant opening makes an instant statement as clary sage and fresh lavender command attention with aromatic foreplay. Delectable bitter almond and vanilla inflections infuse textural richness to the leather heart. Drenched in orris root from the iris flower, the full luscious body of the supple Italian plunge reveals its exquisite beauty. Addictive tonka bean and lavish leather drive the scent as amber undertones reverberate with a warm glow. Ultrafine blonde woods create a confident expression of pure luxury with a creamy finish.

Notes: clary sage, lavender, bitter almond, vanilla, leather, orris root, tonka bean, blonde woods.

I fell in LOVE with each of these very different scents while picking up some essentials from the beauty department at Nordstrom. Don’t forget March 21-25 are TRIPLE POINTS DAYS so if you are in the market to try a new fragrance, or update your beauty routine, nows the perfect time!

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